The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. ~ Bertrand Russell

This blog used to be about knitting, but it seems to have morphed into a dog blog. I do actually have some knitting to show you this week. The foot of one sock is done!

One foot, done!

I name all of my projects in Ravelry, but can’t think of a name for these socks. The name of the colorway is Good To Be Girl, but I don’t really like that name. Any ideas?

Last Sunday we had snow. Luckily, we went to the park on Saturday, when it was a bit nicer. Luka spent most of the time on his leash (I don’t fully trust him yet), but I did allow him some off leash time. He was very happy.


He explored with his sister.


Fun in the stream

He showed off his agility.

Heading across the stream on a log

Well, until he lost his footing and fell.

Luka loses his footing

Luka falling off the log

And he ran.


It turns out that Luka loves to run.


Sadie loves to run, too, but Luka left her in the dust.

Luka leaves Sadie in his dust

Sadie took time to smell the flowers.

Sadie stops to smell the flowers

She also ate some grass (she loves to eat grass).

Sadie loves to eat grass

She also contemplated the best way to deal with rushing water falls.

Sadie contemplates the waterfalls

About two seconds after this photo was taken Luka misjudged where he had to jump and instead of jumping over Sadie he crashed into her. (She was fine, just a bit startled.)

Sadie has no idea Luka is about to plow into her

Both dogs enjoyed the ice cold stream water.

Mmmmm....cold water.   Yummy.

Luka enjoys the water

We all enjoyed resting together on top of the hill.


Both dogs crashed on the way home.

On the way home from the dog park

And they stayed comatose all evening.

Pooped after the dog park

Pooped from the dog park

Thank you to everyone who left such wonderful comments about Luka. I’m still amazed that no one claimed him at the Humane Society. He is a very good dog and is quickly adapting to living here. Even though Luka annoys Sadie at times (he can be a pesky little brother), I think she looks happier since he moved in.

Sadie Maxine

I no longer feel horrific guilt when I leave for work. I like knowing that Sadie has a friend to hang out with all day. They make a great pair.

Sadie and Luka


10 responses

  1. Janice in GA | Reply

    I am SO happy for you all! Love (100)!

  2. I love all the pictures, but my favorite is the rear view one taken of them running side by side, butts bumping along. It reminded me so much of our old dogs, Yogi (Chow) and Bailey (1/2 Golden Ret, 1/2 lab), who I like to think are romping together now in doggie Heaven. It’s so much fun to watch two canine friends romping and playing together. Yours are obviously two happy dogs, and I agree that the sadness has left Sadie’s countenance. πŸ™‚

  3. OMG. the pictures of the butts of the two doggies trotting off together exploring is so cute and funny! πŸ™‚ but my fave is of them sleeping together…
    i’m glad to see that both of them are adjusting to life together well– tell Sadie to make sure Luka knows who the Big Sister is!

  4. awww soo cute, love the two little bums walking away and sleeping on one another in the car. I’m going to find a picture of Summer, my parents dog I was telling you about because K man reminds me so much of her only she had GSD colouring.

  5. I missed the intro piece!!! But oh, Kathy, I’m so happy to see Luka! And to see Sadie so happy.
    (and to hear it in your words, your writing – YOU’RE happy!)
    (So I’m kinda toe-tapping over here)

    He’s beautiful. And the perfect choice. I wish you all many years of delight!

  6. Linda in Waterloo | Reply

    I chuckled muchly! Ha ha. Those are fantastic photos – such a happy, handsome twosome. I’ve been away for a couple of days and immediately checked for news when I got back. Thanks for the post. Socks? Dawg Jaws – black lips, white teeth, pink tongue. Not too romantic a name at all though…

  7. I love those colors…to me it’s like a “first crush”. You have the white for innocence and pink for that puppy dog love…and grey because it always ends too soon. The pups are adorable as always. Luka and Sadie look like they are having a ball. I love the last pic…ahhhh content dogs at rest. *hugs* πŸ™‚

  8. I LOVE all your pictures of your walks and dogs. I can never get enough of them. πŸ™‚
    Both are darling!

  9. Dear Kathy,

    I love the photos of your dogs. I have an aging Lab I adore, so these really hit my heart.

    I am finishing up a book for Penguin Publishers on beginning knitting. In it there is a chapter on felting. As I was researching the topic I came across your blog and comments on felting a purse. Just wondering if your will give me permission to quote your blog. This is how I would use the entry:

    Knitting bloggers who write about knitting tell some interesting stories about their experiences. One such blogger, Kathy says that she enjoyed the knitting for her soon- to- be- felted bag but things went very wrong. The bag shrunk so much in height that at the end of the felting process, it looked like a bra. “I don’t know about you,” she writes, “but I don’t wish to carry a bag that looks like a bra [el].” She continues to write about the lessons she learned during the process and finishes with a great solution to her problem:. “I will salvage what I can from this monstrosity. I plan to get out the scissors and cut the bag up into place mats (for animal dishes) and coasters (for me, obviously.).”

    Let me know if this is OK with you by sending me an email at email address removed.

    With thanks and best wishes to you and your great friends,

    Becca Smith

  10. Screw knitting, your dogs are much cuter. πŸ™‚ I love how Sadie and Luka are getting along so well! They make a cute couple.

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