I have found that if you love life, life will love you back. ~ Arthur Rubinstein

Spring has sprung.


The blossoms have appeared at the park.


After a winter of brown the park is finally turning green. That means there are a lot of wonderful things to sniff.

Sadie and Luka

It was a gorgeous day at the park. I took a leap of faith and let Luka off the leash the entire time we were there. He was a very good boy and came back every time I called for him. He also stayed relatively close to me (not as close as Sadie, but close enough that I didn’t worry).

Sadie and Luka led the way on the main walking trail.

Sadie and Luka

We also went off the main trail to climb one of the hills.

Sadie and Luka

Sadie and Luka

We all enjoyed the view from the top.

Sadie and Luka

The dogs explored the woods together.

Sadie and Luka

And, of course, there was a lot of splashing in the stream.

Sadie and Luka

Sadie and Luka

At one point, Luka was darting in and out of a waterfall. Sadie and I couldn’t figure out what he was doing.

Sadie and Luka

Then it became clear: he was trying to drink the falling water.

Sadie and Luka

The dogs enjoyed running together.

Sadie and Luka

They ran separately.



And they played chase with other dogs (I love how Sadie and Luka are each chasing a different dog).

Sadie and Luka playing chase

All of the running meant they slept the whole way home.

Sadie and Luka crashed after the dog park

The feet of the socks are done. The stripes aren’t as close as the last pair, but I still love them.



5 responses

  1. This park is nice at any time of the year! How long does it take you for one walk?
    The space seems endless. It’s so great, that Luka listens and can run free now.

  2. It was nice to see Luka running wild and free with Sadie. *hugs* 🙂

  3. Oh yay for spring!!! Happy dogs! Very happy socks that match the pink blossoms!

  4. Linda in Waterloo | Reply

    Wonderful again to see such personable creatures out and about. The first and last photos have similar colours!

  5. *love* the sleeping photo 🙂

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