Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting. ~ Anonymous

The weather over the weekend was fantastic. It was one of those gorgeous days at the park that took my breath away.


One of my favorite things about Colorado is the sky. From time to time, I have people email/comment to ask if I alter the color of the sky in some of my pictures to make it so blue. I do not. The sky here really that blue. This picture shows it and I love the contrast of the green and blue in this picture.

Green and blue

The wind was manageable this week so we were able to explore more of the park.


We walked through fields.

Sadie and Luka


We climbed the hill.

Climbing the hill

And enjoyed the view from the top.


Sadie enjoyed a rest in the sun.


We walked through the woods.


At one point, Sadie spotted something in a tree.

Luka - There's something in this tree!

She encouraged Luka to take a look, too.

Do you see it, Luka?

But, the dogs’ favorite spot was the stream.

Sadie and Luka.  Well, Luka's butt.

I love how Sadie plows through the water with wild abandon.


Luka continued to enjoy drinking from waterfalls.

Drinking out of the waterfall

I’ve tried playing fetch with Luka, and he’s not really into it. He’ll fetch sometimes, but most of the time he just watches the ball fly through the air and then walks away.

However, he found a ball in the stream and really liked it. In fact, he played fetch with himself. He’d toss the ball around.

Tossing the ball

Then he’s watch it fall.

Luka plays fetch with himself

He’d paw at the ball.

I'm pawing at the tennis ball

Then he’d pick it up.

Going for my ball!

And start all over again.

Got the ball!

This happened near the end of the time at the park and Sadie was tired. She climbed out of the water and took a nap.


Luka was tired, too. This is how he fell asleep on the way home. (It’s hard to see, but he’s actually sitting on Sadie.)

Luka is weird, part 2

The way he fell asleep is further evidence that Luka is weird. I had my first evidence earlier in the week when I lost Luka. I lost him in my house. That may not sound too odd, but I live in a very small house (700 sq. feet) and losing a dog of Luka’s size in a such a small place was very strange. I found him tucked behind the couch.

The backside of Luka

I hadn’t even thought to look there because it’s such a small space. I store a lot of stuff behind my couch (my home has no storage space) and I didn’t think a cat, let alone a 100lbs. dog could fit back there. But he can fit and evidently he likes it there.

Luka is weird, part 1

I have socks!


More details and pictures are here.

Finally, for those of us in the U.S., it’s Memorial Day. I’m enjoying my day off work, but I realize that it came at a horrible price. Thank you.


8 responses

  1. I love your quote today . . . and too often I so agree! 🙂

    Lovely scenery pictures and puppy pictures. As someone who still doesn’t have a puppy, I love to live vicariously through your walks. Such a wonderful story you tell and I can almost imagine myself there.

    I have to agree with you, Luka does seem like a strange sleeper. But hey, whatever gets the job done.

    Socks look great!

  2. I could have been the one saying that quote of yours. 🙂
    I LOVE the photos today, all of them are wonderful, but Luka playing in the stream with the ball, are my favorites today.
    I would have paniced, if I could not find one of my dogs! 🙂
    He’s cute.

  3. Dieken likes to hang his head over the front seat of the truck, and snuggle in close. I love that picture of Luka, and the one of him sleeping behind the couch–too funny!

  4. awww so cute! Its nice that big sister Sadie doesn’t mind being slept on. Luka’s so funny, its weird how animals seem to love tight little spaces like that. A little alone time must have been needed.
    Great socks!

  5. that is so cute how Luka played w/the ball by himself in the water– my doggie is the same way (won’t fetch but will occasionally “show off” by playing fetch by herself).
    and that picture of sadie snoozing while luka entertained himself is so adorable…and OMGoodness, I can’t believe Sadie could still breath with Luka sleeping on top of her!

    that Luka… he’s probably all fuzz and 25% meat + bones! that’s how he fits into that tiny space!!! those pictures are so CUTE!!! just love these cuties…

  6. p.s. when did you change up the blog layout?! i like it!!

  7. Silly Luka! Squoosh yourself into a space too small for a cat! And that can’t be comfortable (the car snooze…)
    Silly Luka!
    Go, socks! Those are lovely.

  8. […] talked before about how Luka loves to burrow and sleep behind my furniture. Because of this, I’ve suspected that Luka would like a crate. Since a Luka-sized crate is […]

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