There’s just something about dogs that makes you feel good. You come home; they’re thrilled to see you. They’re good for the ego. ~ Janet Schulman

What a difference a week makes.

Last week at the park the dogs and I struggled to stay cool. This week it was 50 degrees colder and the sun was not a factor.

Foggy day

In many ways, I prefer this kind of weather for the park. It’s not nearly as nice for me, but I can let the dogs run to their hearts’ content and not worry about them getting too hot.

Luka about to run up the hill

Sadie runs

We did a lot of exploring this week. We walked through the woods.

Sadie in the woods

We wandered through the fields.

Luka explores the field

And someone found yummy stuff to roll in.

Luka rolls in something

They also posed nicely for pictures.




One thing I love about adopting a new dog is discovering who he/she is and the quirks of his/her personality. Luka continues to show his uniqueness. When he’s on land, he’s not that interested in tennis balls. He’ll sometimes play with one at home, but he doesn’t fetch. However, once he gets in the stream he starts hunting for tennis balls.

Luka climbing down waterfall

He’s persistent.

Luka looks for a ball

And always successful.

Luka found a ball!

Once he finds the ball he start playing fetch with himself (dropping the ball and then chasing it down the stream).

Luka going for the tennis ball

I love to watch him do this. I think Sadie enjoys it, too.

Sadie looks at Luka

You can watch, too. I couldn’t figure out how to embed the video in this post, but you can see it here.

Sadie is always exhausted after our trips to the park, but Luka usually takes a short nap and is ready to play an hour or so after we arrive home. This week I made sure we walked more than we usually do. Finally, Luka was tired when we got home.

Luka pooped from the dog park

He slept all evening. Victory!

I was able to work on my socks without interruption.



4 responses

  1. When my two roll in something its not good, its usually dead and stinks something awful.
    I know I keep refering to Summer but Luka has such similar traits. She wouldn’t play fetch either but loved to throw the ball in the air herself and catch it. She also loved for you to try and take the ball. She’d play growl and move spots the more you tried to get it but when you stopped playing she was over nudging you to try and get it again.
    I love how Sadie sits on her bum with both legs straight out, too cute!

  2. Thankfully, what Luka rolled in did not stink. I know I got lucky. Kishka used to like to roll in horse poop (there’s a lot of that where I live) and that was an ungodly stench.

  3. Loved watching the video of Luka and Sadie! I also adore Luka’s paw picture. Your socks are so beautiful…love the colors! *hugs to you and the dogs* 🙂

  4. How fun to see Luka in action! The only time Mingus is interested in tennis balls is when Vespa has one. He promptly tries to steal it from her, then loses interest in the ball when he succeeds and drops the ball. What a brat.

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