In summer, the song sings itself. ~ William Carlos Williams

I’ve snapped a lot of pictures over the past couple of weeks. Here are my favorites.

The prairie:


I pulled off the road to take this picture. I love how the clouds and plains seem endless. It seems like many people think the prairie is boring, but I think it’s beautiful.

The stream at the park:


It’s been horribly hot here so even when we go to the park in the early morning we spend most of our time in the water. The dogs love to splash and run through it.

Running together

Monsoon season is here and that means lots of clouds in the afternoon. Here’s some over the foothills.

Clouds over foothills

The Black Eyed Susans are out in force.



You can also see the flowers in this picture of Luka running up a hill.


It’s been a beastly hot summer here. Luka spends most of his time lying in front of the screen door, waiting for a breeze.


Our afternoon storms don’t always bring rain, but always have thunder and lightning. If it’s thundering we don’t go for our walk. This makes Luka sad.

Luka looks outside

We’ve made a couple of trips to the park, including a trip after work. (The dogs were SHOCKED. We never go during the week.) I liked how different the light was in the evening.



Summer fun means a lot of naps. Sadie has been perfecting her napping technique.

Sadie Maxine

Knitting progress has been very, very slow. When it’s nearly 100 degrees I can’t bring myself to play with wool. I do hope to finish a pair of socks soon, though.

EDIT: Most of my favorite bloggers are on Blogger. Blogger has decided that I can’t comment on their blogs. Every single time I get an error message. If you’re on Blogger, know that I’m reading, but I can’t say anything. 😦

5 responses

  1. As always, your pictures are beautiful! I’m not sure about prairies as I don’t think I’ve ever been to one, but your picture makes it look lovely. I agree with you on the heat and it hasn’t gotten quite that hot here!

  2. Sad Luka looks like a pensive Mingus. I wonder what Mingus and Luka would do if they met their doppelgangers?

  3. Awww, poor Luka, he’s dejected.

  4. Your photos are so crystal clear, it’s like I’m THERE – especially the ones with the Blackeyed-Susans…

    I had trouble with Blogger, too (and I’m ON blogger), but I had to enter my info twice – the second time, it accepted me…Have you tried doing “open ID,” or “Name/url?”

  5. Linda in Waterloo | Reply

    Thanks for the great posting. So nice to see our frolicsome friends again. Luka at the window speaks words! I think that hill, in the heat, might kill me. Loved the thundercloud too. I had my two labs in the beach at Lake Huron and we watched an enormous thundercloud empty with lightning flashing inside, luminescent and softly shaded pink by the beginnings of a sunset. Afterwards I thought it was stOOpid to be standing in the water watching lightning that wasn’t really all that far away. Still…magnificent…as is your cloud.

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