Deal with the world the way it is, not the way you wish it was. ~ John Chambers

I have new things to blog about! (Finally.)

There is new yarn (it was a gift so my 2010 yarn diet remains intact).

Mountain Colors close up

Melody close up

I finished a pair of socks last night.


Complete details (and more pictures) are on Ravelry.

My workplace shuts down for 10 days at the end of the year so I’ve been spending a lot of time hanging out with my furry family.

I’ve found out just how much time Sadie spends sleeping on the couch.





To be fair, we are back to our regular walking/park activities (7 weeks after my ankle injury) so Sadie is getting a lot of exercise.

It’s been very mild here so Luka has to cool down when we return home from our walks.


Here he poses with his new stuffed cow.

Luka likes the stuffed cow

And, I caught him sleeping with his tongue sticking out.

Luka sleeping with his tongue hanging out

Finally, there is something else that’s new around here.

OC 7

I would love to do a proper introduction, but the poor guy doesn’t have a name.

Ever since Parker died 3 years ago I’ve thought about getting another cat. I didn’t know how Romeo would react, though, and didn’t want to tick him off.

About 6 months ago I decided that Romeo would be okay with it and started making periodic visits to the Humane Society. Until last week, no one caught my eye. Last week this face caught my eye and (most important) he meowed at me each time I walked past him.

OC 4

The new guy is around 3 years old and he was a stray. He has claws and this has been rather startling for the dogs.

Sadie approached the new cat like she approaches Romeo (slowly, with her tail wagging). However, she didn’t get the head nuzzle she was expecting. She got swatted across the face. If a dog can give a “what the hell?” look I believe that’s what she gave me when she ran to my side.

While Sadie is keeping her distance from the new guy, Luka is a slow learner. Here he is a few nights ago (moments before being swatted across the face):

Moments before Luka got swatted

The swat sent him looking for cover:

Luka got swatted by the cat and retreated to his crate

A short time later the cat went into Luka’s crate and chased him out. An hour or so later they declared a truce.

Luka shares his crate

If I don’t come up with a name soon this cat is going to start answering to Orange Cat. Anyone have any cool cat names to share? I’m leaning towards a couple of names but don’t know if they fit him.

OC 5

10 responses

  1. Hey!

    We here in Virginia think that “Oliver” suits such a handsome boy. And how is Romeo doing with all of this?

  2. Welcome to your new family member! He’s a handsome guy! Love the photos of your furry kids.

  3. aw, i’m glad kitty and Luka came to an agreement.
    for names, i’m a sucker for orange-color-themed names (e.g. Orange Julius, Jules for short?) πŸ™‚ xoxo

  4. Luka would be in heaven on the ridge right now, we have so much snow. I can just picture him sitting up on the banks of snow! Sadie sure does like that couch heheheh
    Looks like you have a full house with all your fur babies!
    Hope the new arrival settles in just fine.

  5. Congrats on the new addition – we lost Maslow and Otis a couple months ago – just weeks apart – but we have a new little guy – you on facebook?

  6. He’s a very handsome cat, and the picture of him and Luka in the crate together is darling! With his attitude toward the dogs, he seems to think he’s the king of the joint, so I think King would be a good name for him. Whatever you decide to call him, I’m sure he’s grateful for springing him from the joint!

  7. Poor Luka. I think the new kitty looks a little like an Arthur.

  8. For some reason, I look at him and think Albert. Congrats on the new family member!

  9. You seem to be copying my pets! Now, you have a Fifty-Fifty and Mingus doppelgangers. Congratulations on the new addition. Looks like he fits right in (the crate).

  10. Hmmm…he has claws and he’s not afraid to use them…How about “Spike?”

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