To climb steep hills requires slow pace at first. ~ William Shakespeare

This weekend marks six months since I fell while hiking and sprained the living hell out of my ankle. I’ve spent the past six months diligently working to first heal and then strengthen my ankle. The first couple of months were rough, but I knew that if I pushed through I would be ready when the 2011 hiking season arrived.

All of the hard work was worth it.

From the trail

Yesterday the dogs and I hit the trail for our first hike of the year.

Sadie and Luka

A notable difference from last year: Luka is off leash on the trail.

I’ve had him for over a year now. He’s become very obedient and seems to have bonded closely to me. I had a feeling he could handle being off leash and I was right. He always came back when I called and he never got too far away from me.

Sadie and Luka

Best of all: he and Sadie had a fantastic time exploring together. (I love the big smile on her face in this picture.)


They ran around so much that they needed to rest just 30 minutes into the hike.

Sadie and Luka rest

Then they had to rest again just a short time later.


Finally, we reached our destination (where Luka jumped right in and started swimming).


Sadie swam, too.

Sadie swims

They also played together.

Sadie and Luka

Sadie and Luka

Luka explored the rocks.


When it was snack time the dogs kept a close eye on my bag of carrots. (They both love carrots.)


Sadie keeps an eye on my carrots

It was a lovely day.

Sadie and Luka

Finally, Milo continues training for the Sleep Olympics.



6 responses

  1. It’s just doggy hiking heaven where you were. I would so love to join you there! Love the pictures of course, and Milo will win a medal for sure! :o)

  2. It looks like a lovely hike! For Milo, I’d say 9.8, most likely the gold. 🙂

  3. Linda in Waterloo | Reply

    What a treat to join you on your hike. Glad to hear your ankle is stable now. What great shots of the pets enjoying their fabulous adventure. Luka has a pink popsicle tongue! And Sadie in that last post – oh man – what a looker! Yum, yum, yummy pets – all of them. Nice socks too or course.

  4. Great pictures! I’m so glad your ankle is feeling better.

  5. My dogs have requested to live with you. I’m in charge of Vespa’s walks, and I do manage to walk her between 1.5-2 miles a day, but her field trips are usually to grandma and grandpa’s house with the huge back yard.

  6. My poor pups would be so jealous to know such a ife exists, Heaven compared to their walks around the neighborhood.

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