It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness. ~ Charles Sprugeon

The recent weather trend around here has been so-so weather during the week followed by spectacular weather on the weekend. This weekend was no exception.

From the trail

It was a perfect day to hit the trail.

Sadie and Luka

It wasn’t too hot so the main activity of the day was running.



Sadie and Luka



By the time we arrived at our destination the dogs were ready to jump in and cool off.

Sadie and Luka



While the dogs splashed and played I kicked back and enjoyed the view.

Cheyenne Mountain

It was pretty much a perfect day.

Sadie and Luka

Our weekend fun was not confined to Saturday, however. On Sunday the dogs had a play date with my friend’s son. My friend’s son loves dogs, but they don’t have a dog so Sadie and Luka were happy to spend the day at their house. I didn’t think to snap any pictures except for this one. It was too adorable to pass up (apologies for the shoddy quality…I took it with my phone).

Z and Luka

My friend’s son is learning about different animals. When we first arrived at their house he spotted Sadie and said “doggy!”. Then he toddled over to Luka, started petting him and said “bear!”. It took some explaining, but he was soon calling Luka “doggy!”, too.

Finally, I am enjoying the day off of work, but realize it came at a horrible cost. Thank you.

mem flag


6 responses

  1. doggie play dates rock!

  2. Beautiful pictures Kathy! I just sent my boy to work for the greater Boulder YMCA for the next 10 weeks. Bring on the big blue sky! (And the week of July 4th when I arrive!)

  3. Love the pictures, as always.

  4. You’re right about the price we pay for that day. It’s important for me to remember that.

    Love the dog fix – thanks. Mine is finally sleeping with her head on my pillow (don’t tell anyone). She’s still a puppy, so it’s ok, right!? HA.

  5. Linda in Waterloo | Reply

    OOPS! I think you broke the Sweetmeter!

  6. I love the running photos!

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