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Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. ~ Oscar Wilde

Summer has definitely arrived in my neck of the woods. The dogs and I headed out very early yesterday morning so we could hike before the heat set in.

Hitting the trail

We missed a couple of walks last week so running was the main activity.

Sadie and Luka

The heat quickly arrived so we took a couple of breaks along the trail.

Taking a break

Our breaks allowed me to photograph the gorgeous day.

Where we're heading

Where we were

Some of the cactus (cacti?) were blooming.

Flowering cactus

The reservoir was a welcome relief from the hot weather.

Keeping cool

We missed a couple of our walks last week because I was busy purchasing a new (used) car. For the past eight years I’ve driven a Saturn sedan. I loved that car and it was always solid as a rock (nothing other than routine maintenance). However in the past few months it started having major issues. Considering the car had 172,000 miles on it I had to face reality and get something different.

As much as I loved that car, it was not good for hauling dogs. The tiny back seat meant that Sadie and Luka (and every other dog I’ve owned) had to contort themselves whenever we went for a ride. As I started looking for a new vehicle my main consideration (beyond the obvious price, mileage and safety) was to get something that was more comfortable for the dogs. (I think picking out a car based on canine comfort officially qualifies me for the Crazy Dog Lady Club.)

Mission accomplished.

Riding in style

We took the new car hiking this weekend. On the way home I turned around at a stoplight and saw this:

Turned around at a stop light and saw this.

I think they like it.

A day without laughter is a day wasted. ~ Charlie Chaplin

Remember when this used to be a knitting blog?

Let’s revisit those days.

A couple of months ago a friend gifted me with a sock blank. I broke out the Kool-Aid and created this.

Sock blank

The blank became these socks.


I love them!


Full details are on the socks’ Ravelry page.

Since I am a crazy dog lady, I took portraits of the dogs with the leftover yarn.

Sadie shared a zen moment with the yarn.

Sadie poses with yarn

Luka was supervising the photo shoot.


After Sadie serenely posed with the yarn she enjoyed one of her favorite past times: rolling around on her back. Sadly, my yard is mostly dirt so she got a bit messy.

Filthy Sadie

Sadie loves to roll in the dirt

Luka is much too dignified to engage in such behavior.


The dogs and I have gone hiking a couple of times since my last post. These hikes are the highlights of the week.

The dogs always spend the first hour or so running off their pent up energy.

Luka runs


We usually take a break or two on our way to the reservoir.

Resting on the trail

Resting on the trail

The dogs know when we turn on the trail that leads to the water and they take off running.

Sadie heads for the water

By the time I arrive they’ve already jumped in.

Sadie and Luka

Cooling off

Luka isn’t fond of the drowned rat look and always like to shake when he’s standing right next to me.

Luka shakes

Luka shakes

Every hiking trip ends the same way: with the dogs sound asleep on the way home.

Sleeping on the way home

The napping continues once we arrive home.

Luka's exhausted

Milo fears his standing in the Sleeping Olympics may be in jeopardy so he practices harder.



Finally, the smoke from the Arizona wildfire hung over this area for several days last week. It was very annoying during the day (a thick haze and smell of smoke in the air) but the sunsets were spectacular.