A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. ~ George Bernard Shaw

A long time ago (March 2009) I dyed this sock blank:

88/365:  Today's dyeing adventure.

I immediately cast on the socks.

I loved the socks while I was knitting them, but it took me 28 months to finish them.


Fittingly, I cast off on Independence Day.

Milo was overcome with joy.

Finished socks

I put the socks on for their photo-shoot and (if I may be bold) I think they look fantastic.


Looks can be deceiving, though. The socks are so tight I can hardly get them over my heel. I fear that if I wear them I will blow a hole in the heel (as I’ve done with two other pairs of super tight hand knit socks in recent months).

That’s right, I spent 28 months knitting these socks and they don’t fit.

:: sigh ::

Luckily, my mother’s feet are two sizes smaller than mine and she likes pink. When she’s in town later this month I will give them to her.

Until then, Milo thinks they make a stylish pillow.

Milo likes the new socks

I have been bucked off the sock knitting horse but I’m going to get right back in the saddle. This yarn is going on the needles next:

Sock blank

The kitties enjoy sitting in front of the door and watching the birds play in the dogs’ water bowl. The birds are about three feet in front of the cats in this picture and they were both cackling like crazy.

Romeo and Milo watch the birds

As always, full details for the socks can be seen on the Ravelry page .

4 responses

  1. Your new socks ARE lovely! Too bad they don’t fit you very well. I’m sure your mom will love them though. I like your next sock blank, should be interesting how they knit up.
    Love the last photo of your kitties!

  2. It’s too bad they don’t fit, the did turn out wonderfully though. I need to try those sock blanks!

  3. Aw, love the kitties and the socks.

  4. I have a sock blank sitting here looking at me. I wonder. I used Kool-aid last time but the colors eventually faded a bit. I really like your pinkies. I’m sorry they don’t fit. Your ma will love them.

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