Daily Archives: September 20th, 2011

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. ~ John Lennon

Mr. Lennon was a wise man.

Before I tell my tale I’ll let you know that at this moment Luka is sleeping at my feet. This will become important in a moment.

Last weekend started out just like I had planned: a long hike and some swimming for the dogs on Saturday morning. By Saturday evening my plans were chugging along (watching a movie and knitting). Then, as midnight approached my plans went off the rails.

At 10:30 Saturday night Luka and I were speeding to town. Our destination: the animal emergency clinic.

He was admitted around midnight and at 4am Sunday he was in emergency surgery for an obstruction in his stomach. It turns out that what I thought was a scattering of garbage can contents on Thursday had really been an all-you-can-eat buffet. The paper products in my bathroom garbage can got stuck in his stomach. The vet said it was the second most difficult surgery of this kind she’d ever done.

That’s my boy: an overachiever.

Luka came home last night and today I’m living a new reality (at least for the next several days).

I’m working from home. (Thank goodness my workplace was supportive when I explained what had happened.)

My furniture is barricaded against Luka jumping on it.


blocked couch

I’m spoon feeding my boy small amounts of fancy pants food several times a day.


I’m well on my way to starting my own pharmacy.


The schedule for these drugs is so detailed that I’m using my phone to alert me when it’s time for a dose.

Keeping track of Luka's meds

Finally, my new reality includes living with a cone-head.

Luka is sick of the cone

Luka is also wearing a T-shirt to prevent Sadie from messing with his stitches.


Luka has accepted the cone and has quickly become adept at moving throughout the house and sleeping in it.

Luka sleeps

Milo, however, is taking no chances. He was nearly scooped up in the cone earlier today and quickly retreated under the table.

Milo under the table

Milo did venture closer to hang out with his buddy.

Luka and Milo

Sadie has been comforting Luka, too.


Once this is crisis over I’m going to owe Sadie some special attention. My total focus right now is on Luka (I’m literally not letting him out of my sight) and I know she’s getting the shaft in terms of my time. She’s also sleeping in a crate instead of on my bed. Luka won’t fit in his crate with the cone on and I don’t trust Sadie to leave his stitches alone overnight. She is NOT happy sleeping in there but I’m taking no chances.

Life around here should be back to normal in a few weeks. I have a feeling they will be very long weeks.

I know that most of my readers have dogs. Are your garbage cans out where your dog can get to them? If they are: please, please, PLEASE secure them where the dog cannot get to them. Luka had never eaten garbage before and the first time he did it could have been fatal. Please learn from my mistake and put the cans away where your dog cannot get to them.

Finally, (to end on a humorous note), I have to ask: is Luka happy or is it the drugs?

Is he happy or is it just the drugs?