Daily Archives: September 24th, 2011

Nothing is permanent in this wicked world – not even our troubles. ~ Charlie Chaplin

The good news: Luka’s recovery is going very well.


The bad news: Luka’s recovery is going very well and he’s getting quite bouncy. Yesterday he tried to jump up on the chair to watch the garbage men steal our stuff. This morning he reared up on his hind legs (something he does when he’s really excited) and later he chased Milo (who ran like hell from the cone-head coming after him).

He saw his regular vet on Thursday and his incision looks “really, really good”. His stitches come out next Saturday (October 1). Until then, he’s on a bland diet (chicken and rice…he loves this) and is restricted from all activity (he does not like this).

I took Sadie along to the vet to have some recent issues checked out. Now I know why she’s looked sad for the past few days: she has an ulcer on one of her eyes (ointment three times a day), allergies are what was making her chew her feet (Benadryl three times a day) and her anal glands were so full they were nearly abscessed (1/2 cup pumpkin once a day). She is much happier now.


Milo continues to hang out with his buddy.

Milo and Luka

Milo and Luka

The quality of this last picture isn’t great, but I think it’s really sweet. They were sitting there dozing together while I watched TV.