Monthly Archives: October, 2011

Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory. ~ Albert Schweitzer

Four weeks ago tonight Luka had surgery. Today, finally, he was released to full activity.

I took him to a nearby school to take advantage of their fully fenced grounds.

I set the beast free.




I think he’s happy.


It’s going to take some time before we’re back to walking three miles a day and hiking on the weekends, but we are on our way.

During the time off from our long daily walks Sadie has been following Milo’s lead and practicing for the Sleep Olympics.



This is her favorite place to sleep: snuggled up against my leg.


As cute as Sadie is, she is still not as skilled as Milo when it comes to sleeping.




I have been knitting and I finally took pictures.

The latest socks.


And a sweater.


Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy. ~ Anne Frank

What a difference a day makes.

Last night: sad cone-head.

Sad conehead

This afternoon: happy boy.





Luka - The Dog Formerly Known As Conehead

Today was an exciting day: Luka’s stitches were removed! I can now transition him back to regular food and we can go for two 15 minute walks a day. He still can’t run or go outside off leash (two more weeks before he’s released to full activity), but it’s very exciting.

I’ve put my house back together (I had to move all of the living room and bedroom furniture to accommodate the cone) and we’ve gone on our first walk. To say walking made Luka happy is an understatement:

Happy Luka after his first walk in two weeks

I was able to get a picture of Luka’s cute shaved belly and his scar (the scar isn’t really jagged…it’s just how he’s positioned).

Luka shaved belly and scar

Going back a few days…Luka’s been on a chicken and rice diet. I was boiling chicken earlier this week and Luka took it upon himself to supervise the operation.

Luka guarding the chicken cooking on the stove

Sadie is quite bored with all of the attention I’ve showered on her little brother.


Sadie had a check up today, too, and the ulcer on her eye is fully healed.

I don’t think Milo has noticed that the cone is gone. He’s still hanging out under the table.

Milo hanging out under the table

I didn’t realize until I brought stiches-free Luka home how stressed I’ve been about him opening his incision. I’ve spent the last two weeks hovering over him. When I was at work I worried if he was behaving at home. During the night I checked on him every time he stirred. I guess you could say I’ve been holding my breath for two weeks.

Finally, I can exhale.