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Nothing’s better than the wind to your back, the sun in front of you, and your friends beside you. ~ Aaron Douglas Trimble

After a chilly week the weekend dawned sunny, clear (and most importantly): warm (in the 50’s!). The dogs and I took advantage of the break in the weather to check out some new hiking trails.


There was running.

Sadie and Luka

Snow eating.

Sadie and Luka

More running.

Here they come!

Off and running

Did I mention all of the running?

Sadie runs

Luka is a running fool

From all of the running it would appear that the dogs have spent the last week locked up in cages 24 hours a day. That, however, is not the case. The dogs and I have been walking three miles a day. I’m not sure where all of this energy came from but it was a lot of fun to watch.

Sadie runs

Luka runs

The great thing about hiking in the winter is that I don’t have to carry water for the dogs. They just eat snow when they’re thirsty.

Mmmm...snow is yummy

The views on our hike were incredible.

View from the hiking trail

Sadie even struck a pose for me.

Sadie strikes a pose

I did mention all of the running, didn’t I?

Sadie runs

Luka runs

At one point Luka took a break from running and flopped down on the trail.

Luka rolling

Soon it became clear.

Luka rolling

Luka rolling

Luka had found something yummy smelling to roll in.

Luka rolling

Sadie noticed and moved closer to check it out.

Sadie checks out what Luka is doing

She agreed with me: the boy is nuts.

Sadie agrees:  Luka is nuts

I have two criteria to determine the success of a hike.

The first is how much mud is involved.

A sure sign of a fun hike:   lots of mud!


The seconds is how tired the dogs are.

Sadie dozed off while I was snapping that picture of my muddy leg.

Sadie dozed off in the parking lot after our hike


When we arrived home Luka climbed onto his favorite dog bed.


Soon he was comatose.


MASSIVE SUCCESS!!! (It is very, very difficult to wear out Luka.)

I don’t think any of us will have trouble sleeping tonight.

Exhausted from hiking


Life is not a spectator sport. ~ Jackie Robinson

Winter has arrived and the cold weather means I’m not taking as many pictures on our weekly outings. I managed to snap a few pictures last week before frostbite threatened to set in.

The dogs love to run when it’s cold.



Luka enjoys patrolling the fence line.


When I snapped this picture I had just told him not to jump the fence (he does that sometimes).


Running around in cold weather requires fuel. The dogs’ favorite fuel is peanut butter. The favored peanut butter delivery method is a Kong.

Sadie and her Kong

Luka loves peanut butter filled Kongs

Luka looks a bit too comfortable in front of the computer (I need to check my credit card statements for any unexpected charges 🙂 )


Sadie has no time for such nonsense. There is napping to do.


Finally, the Fishermen’s Wool project is coming along.


Some people never go crazy, what truly horrible lives they must live. ~ Charles Bukowski

A huge snowstorm hit here on Friday. I came home from work early (and just in time…the highway closed shortly after I arrived home). I was planning on hiding inside all afternoon (a foot of snow and 30mph winds are not my cup of tea). Luka, however, kept giving me expectant looks.


After a couple of hours of these looks I bundled up and we went out in the storm for a walk. The snow was very deep.

Deep snow

I nearly froze to death but I made this guy happy and that makes me happy.


Besides, how can I deny a Malamute the joy of playing in the snow?

Luka in the snowbank

If Sadie had her way I suspect she’d skip the frozen walks and stay on the couch.


She is a dog who treats napping as an art form.



Yesterday morning I was sitting on the couch when this happened next to me.

Milo and Luka

I was sure that once Luka realized Milo was there the moment would end (Luka loves to bug/chase Milo).

I was wrong.

Milo and Luka

Maybe my boy is finally maturing.

Being trapped in the house this weekend has had its advantages. My Fishermen’s Wool project is taking shape.


I still can’t comment on Blogger blogs that utilize word verification, but I am reading.