Daily Archives: February 5th, 2012

Some people never go crazy, what truly horrible lives they must live. ~ Charles Bukowski

A huge snowstorm hit here on Friday. I came home from work early (and just in time…the highway closed shortly after I arrived home). I was planning on hiding inside all afternoon (a foot of snow and 30mph winds are not my cup of tea). Luka, however, kept giving me expectant looks.


After a couple of hours of these looks I bundled up and we went out in the storm for a walk. The snow was very deep.

Deep snow

I nearly froze to death but I made this guy happy and that makes me happy.


Besides, how can I deny a Malamute the joy of playing in the snow?

Luka in the snowbank

If Sadie had her way I suspect she’d skip the frozen walks and stay on the couch.


She is a dog who treats napping as an art form.



Yesterday morning I was sitting on the couch when this happened next to me.

Milo and Luka

I was sure that once Luka realized Milo was there the moment would end (Luka loves to bug/chase Milo).

I was wrong.

Milo and Luka

Maybe my boy is finally maturing.

Being trapped in the house this weekend has had its advantages. My Fishermen’s Wool project is taking shape.


I still can’t comment on Blogger blogs that utilize word verification, but I am reading.