Life is not a spectator sport. ~ Jackie Robinson

Winter has arrived and the cold weather means I’m not taking as many pictures on our weekly outings. I managed to snap a few pictures last week before frostbite threatened to set in.

The dogs love to run when it’s cold.



Luka enjoys patrolling the fence line.


When I snapped this picture I had just told him not to jump the fence (he does that sometimes).


Running around in cold weather requires fuel. The dogs’ favorite fuel is peanut butter. The favored peanut butter delivery method is a Kong.

Sadie and her Kong

Luka loves peanut butter filled Kongs

Luka looks a bit too comfortable in front of the computer (I need to check my credit card statements for any unexpected charges 🙂 )


Sadie has no time for such nonsense. There is napping to do.


Finally, the Fishermen’s Wool project is coming along.


3 responses

  1. Maybe Luka is researching other ways to sneak out of the park that aren’t as obvious as jumping a fence.

  2. Still no winter weather! I can’t believe it. Great outdoor dog time, though. We do the same thing with peanut butter. Stella has old bones and we goop the stuff inside one of those since she keeps loosing her kongs to the lake (they don’t float and people seem to forget that).

  3. Linda in Waterloo | Reply

    The sweater looks great!
    Seeing your dogs revel in the winter weather helps make it bearable. Such a strange winter for weather. I wonder if we will get a very wet spring to help make up for the low snow melt. That will mean muddy paws though, but that reservoir has to fill! Thanks for the pics and post – always brings a smile.

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