Too much of a good thing is wonderful. ~ Mae West

The calendar tells me that summer is just around the corner. I think summer is already here.

Sadie and Luka

The dogs and I returned to the ‘ole swimming hole today. To say it was a smashing success is an understatement.



Sadie and Luka

Even before we arrived at the water the dogs seemed downright gleeful.

Luka runs


There was exploring.


Sadie and Luka


Sadie and Luka

Like always, Luka ran ahead but always waited at a trail junction for me to point the way.

Luka waits

It was a gorgeous day.




Shortly after we arrived home the thunderstorms arrived. Luka settled in the chair in the front of the window and watched the rain fall.

Luka looks out at the rain

Perhaps he was dreaming of the swimming hole?

4 responses

  1. Yay!! Pups. In water. Frolicking! The best.

  2. I’ve missed your happy go lucky dogs!

  3. Very glad to see that your hills are still green (hopefully you’re no where near the fires out there?). Everyone looks happy as a clam.

  4. You take the *best* photos of them during your walks!

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