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The west is not a place. . . it’s a state of mind. ~ Jack Weil

I recently spent 10 days in Michigan visiting my parents.  While there (and on the planes), I made good progress on my Genius Dishtowel.

Despite not understanding the whole knitting and yarn love thing, my parents humored me by joining me on a yarn crawl.  The yarn stores there are amazing and I indulged:

I found a couple of project bags that I couldn’t leave behind:

I also bought the coolest stitch markers.  They’re made out of Petoskey Stones:

Thankfully (considering all of the sock yarn I brought home), my sock mojo has returned!

I’ve switched from dpn-ing from the cuff down to magic looping from the toe up.  For this first pair I’m doing one sock at a time, but my plan is to do two at a time once I nail down the whole toe up and magic loop techniques.

One of the first things I did upon returning home was take the girls to the dog park.   Sadie celebrated by getting muddy:

Kishka treed a squirrel and patiently waited for him to fall or return to the ground (he never did):

July was a very dry month here in Colorado, but August has been very stormy: