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The surgery on the Green Eggs and Ham socks did not go as planned: 

No regrets, though.  I wasn’t loving these socks, so now I”ll just knit them over!

There’s been a definite shift in weather over the last day or so.  I noticed it this morning when I had to forgo my usual choice of footwear for my winter footwear:

Speaking of winter….snow is supposed to fall tonight. 

I should probably find my snow shovel. 

After all the stops and starts…

The Minty Fresh Blanket and I are back together.

I don’t trust myself to restart this in the middle of the pattern, so I frogged back to the border. This blanket will not defeat me!

Neither will the Green Eggs and Ham Socks:

They look finished, don’t they?

They’re not. I ran out of yarn on these socks and my attempt to salvage them failed. I will be taking the toes off these socks and using them to knit the heel of the second sock. Then, I’m going to do the toes in a different yarn. This won’t happen anytime soon. I can’t face anymore frogging right now.

Earlier tonight I caught Kishka sleeping like this:

How on earth is that comfortable?

Driving to work this morning I had to pull over and take some pictures. The morning was too beautiful to not capture on ‘film’. (Since the camera is digital, there’s no film. But it just doesn’t sound the same to say I captured it on memory card, does it?)

Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods:

Cheyenne Mountain:

The foothills of the Rocky Mountains:

Saturday. Just Saturday.

It’s been an interesting day.

Today started early, before sunrise, when my allergies kicked in and I started sneezing and couldn’t stop. I dragged my carcass out of bed, bitching and whining the whole time (I am not a morning person, especially on the weekend).

The only good thing about being up this early is my picture for Saturday Sky:

I made a bit of progress on the Minty Fresh Blanket today:

Sadly, I will be frogging this blanket again tomorrow. Earlier today I had my count off and that caused the pattern to be off. I frogged back about six rows, put in a lifeline and continued knitting. You can see the lifeline in this picture.

I thought that was enough, but it’s obvious that it’s not. I’m going to frog back a bit more (ten, maybe fifteen rows) and hopefully that will be far enough.

Also in the above picture you can see my new stitch markers. These were made for me by Mr. Blogless MJ. I couldn’t get a good photograph of them and that’s a shame: they are very cool looking!

Speaking of MJ, do you like this shawl and/or this yarn?

MJ is giving it away. Really. If you’re interested, stop by and let her know.

There’s been a crime committed.

The time: around 11pm last night.

The place: living room of Runs With Needles.

The crime: being a dumbass.

The evidence:

Yes, I took another trip to the frog pond. I was about to cross the cables for the third time and realized that two of them weren’t lining up.

I have no idea how this happened, but I finally grew a brain and did what I should have done all along:

I put stitch markers between each repeat.

Wish me luck. I love this pattern and am determined to succeed!