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A post full of pictures.

Today’s Saturday Sky:

There’s been a lot of knitting (and TCM watching!) around here. 

The Grapes of Wrap shawl:

The Pastel Rainbow socks:

And introducing, the Pinky Purple socks:

I recently bought the girls a new toy and it’s been quite a hit:

Have you ever watched a cat take a bath?  It’s darn cute:


Late night blogging.

I usually go to bed when I get tired.  It’s now 4am and I’m not tired at all.  So, I’m blogging.  🙂

The Pastel Rainbow socks are moving right along:

There’s a new project on the needles.  The Grapes of Wrap shawl:

Earlier tonight I had a Cary Grant movie marathon and discovered something.   Cary Grant is even more attractive when he’s knitting:

:: sigh :: 

And here I thought the perfect man didn’t exist.  But, Cary Grant, knitting?  Damn.  I knew I was born too late!

Earlier today I looked up and saw a beautiful sight:

My girls are growing closer.   Sam and Kish have always gotten along, but they never really hung out together.    And, on the rare occasions when any of my dogs would snap at each other, it was always them.  I was hoping that they would grow closer after Max’s death and they have. 

Speaking of Kishka, I’ve shown many of her couch yoga positions, but have never shown her dining habits.  Yes, dining.  Kishka does not eat like every other dog I’ve ever owned (standing up and downing the food in under five minutes). 

Kishka dines:

What you can’t see is that it takes her 20-30 minutes to eat a bowl of food.   She takes dainty little bites and pauses between each bite.  If she could talk, I’m quite sure she’d demand a cloth napkin and fine cutlery.