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One kind word can warm three winter months. ~ Japanese proverb

Thank you (again) for all the wonderful comments and emails in response to my last post. I’m always amazed at all the caring and thoughtful people who touch my life through this blog and am grateful that I’ve ‘met’ each and every one of you.

Samantha is doing wonderful (wonderfully…hell, I don’t know) and is enjoying her life as a spoiled rotten dog:

…..enjoying car rides…

….playing in the snow…..

….and hanging out with her sister….

There has been limited knitting lately. I started a new job back in October and my office is often freezing in the morning, so I knit some Fetching to keep my hands warm:

Fetching For Work





What: Fetching for Work
Yarn: Less than one skein of Cascade 220 in color 8903
Needles: Size 4 Inox dpn’s

Pattern: Fetching*

Date started: 11/2/07

Date finished: 11/11/07

Lesson Learned: Nothing, really

Destination: Already in my office at work

* I knit the first Fetching and followed the pattern exactly. It was way too small. Then, I modified the hell out of the pattern and these fit perfectly. Unfortunately, I threw out my detailed notes before I could blog them. Idiot.




I’ve also reknit the Tropical Monkey socks (previously seen here):

The Jewel socks (previously seen here) have been frogged:

Despite my initial love of these socks, I grew to despise them. It started with the short skein. Then I realized the socks were too big and finally, the socks bled like hell when I washed them. I expect blue socks to bleed, but not as much as they did. In short, I wore the socks once and spent the past several months glaring at them whenever I opened my sock drawer.

However, I recently declared my knitting motto for the next year (“Life is too short to own ill fitting socks”) and my mission is to frog and reknit all of my socks that don’t fit perfectly. If I don’t wear them on a regular basis, they’re getting frogged (partially or totally) and reknit. The Tropical Monkeys were the first socks I fixed and the Jewel socks are the second.

I’ve renamed these socks the New Improved Jitterbug Socks and am determined to knit a pair of socks I’ll actually wear. I’ll still be annoyed when I wash them, but I do like the colors in this yarn and want to make usable socks.

We had our first significant snowfall of the season over the weekend, so I ventured outside yesterday and snapped a lot of pictures.


Summer and socks

When I made the decision to knit socks from the top down, I knew that a risk of this method is running out of yarn. Because of this, I view each pair of socks as a bit of a gamble. When I cast on I always wonder if I’ll have enough yarn. Call me crazy, but it puts a zing of excitement into each pair of socks. I haven’t knit a ton of socks, but I’ve always won the yarn gamble.



Until the Jewel socks:


This is where the socks were when I came to the end of the skein. I was originally going to do a 5″ cuff on these socks, but I got cocky and knit a 6″ cuff. Obviously, I should have listened to my first instinct.



I dove into my stash and knit on:



Jewel Socks

What: Jewel Socks
Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug in Jewel*
Needles: size 3, Knit Picks dpn’s
Pattern: Garter Rib Pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks**

Date started: 3/8/07

Date finished: 3/14/07
Lesson Learned: None.

Destination: my feet!

* Used every bit of yarn and ran out before toe decreases were finished. Finished toes with Lion Wool in Ebony (size 1 Boye needles) and unlabeled orange yarn from my stash (size 2 Susan Bates needles).
** Pattern details: CO 64; 6″ leg; 8″ foot before toe decreases.

Ack! Please excuse the blindingly white legs. This is the first time they’ve seen the sun this year.

I adore this yarn. I would marry it if I could. It is a joy to knit and just glides off the needles. There will definitely be more Jitterbug socks in my future (but with 5″ cuffs!).

The next pair of socks will go on the needles this evening. I already have the yarn and the pattern picked out. Hmmmm….wonder what it will be…..

After a cold and snowy winter, we’ve skipped spring and have been enjoying a couple days of summer.

Puffy clouds floating by:

Dogs slobbering up the screen door window:

The hanging screen door is installed on the back door:

Dogs excavating the yard:

Playing fetch without freezing to death:

And the girls enjoying the sunshine:

The heel is turned and I’m knitting for home.

Tonight’s sunset:

When the cat’s away, the mice do play.

Or, when the ISP/laptop are broken, the hands are knitting:

I’ve been having ISP/laptop problems and couldn’t access the Internet, so all my attention was focused on these socks. They are both ready to have the heel turned. The picture does not do this yarn justice. The colors are so bright and so vivid. It’s just gorgeous.

Today was a rather dreary looking day:

Samantha decided it was a perfect day for snoozing: