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Day 103: Fun with dye.


Day 88: Today’s dyeing adventure.

Day 74: Dye, dye, baby.

Day 28: The best gifts are those that are unexpected.

Don’t you wish there was a knob on the TV to turn up the intelligence? There’s one marked ‘Brightness,’ but it doesn’t work. ~ Gallagher

I think this is the longest I’ve gone without blogging since I started this thing.  Since I’m documenting the heck out of my knitting projects over at Ravelry, I haven’t felt the need to blog my knitting details here anymore.

I’m considering changing the focus of this blog for 2009.  I enjoy blogging (and looking back on old blog posts – they always jog a lot of memories), but there’s no need to repeat what I post on Ravelry, so this blog may evolve from being a knitting blog to being something else.

Speaking of knitting, there has been a lot of it!

The arrival of snow motivated me to knit a Dog Walking Hat:

The hat is AMAZING.  I knit it out of Cascade 220 (both regular and Superwash) and it’s like a furnace on my head.   I love it!

Changing up how I knit socks (from top down on dpn’s to toe up on Magic Loop) inspired me and I knocked off five pairs of socks.

This is my first pair of toe up/Magic Loop socks:

The next pair is knit out of my new favorite sock yarn, Kaleidoscope Superwash Sock Yarn from Blue Ridge Yarns:

This pair is knit out of Opal’s Harry Potter line in the Hedwig colorway:

I do love these socks, but calling this a Hedwig colorway is bullshit.  I’ve read all the books and seen all the movies and I don’t recall a blue/green owl making an appearance.

Like many sock knitters, I joined the sock blank dyeing craze.   This blank:

Turned into these socks:

And finally, these socks were knit from one of the first balls of sock yarn I ever purchased (at least three years ago):

The sock obsession soon morphed into sweater knitting.  I’ve never been a sweater knitter, but now I’m obsessed.

Baby sweater for my best friend’s newborn son:

Around this time last year I started a Central Park Hoodie.   It knit up quickly, but then I got distracted (and frustrated with how to knit the collar and buttonbands).  I picked it up again last week and it’s finally finished.  And it fits!   (This is the first sweater I’ve ever knit for me, so I was afraid it wouldn’t fit.)

Here are the bones of my Weekend Sweater.  It’s blocking now and I hope to sew it this weekend.

I’ll be swatching for my next sweater tonight.   The yarn is waiting for me:

Details for all of the knits can be found on my Ravelry page.

My furry family has all been doing well.   Here’s Romeo watching  the dogs:

Kishka and Sadie’s relationship continues to flourish:

The three of us did a lot of hiking this fall:

Sadie especially loves chilling out in the stream:

Colorado scenery never ceases to amaze me, even after living here for 11 years.

Here’s an early morning shot of Pikes Peak:

And some high country shots from my trip to Vail in October:

I can’t really explain it, but this is one of my favorite ‘scenery’ pictures that I’ve taken this year:

And this picture is one of my favorite critter pictures I’ve taken this year:

The west is not a place. . . it’s a state of mind. ~ Jack Weil

I recently spent 10 days in Michigan visiting my parents.  While there (and on the planes), I made good progress on my Genius Dishtowel.

Despite not understanding the whole knitting and yarn love thing, my parents humored me by joining me on a yarn crawl.  The yarn stores there are amazing and I indulged:

I found a couple of project bags that I couldn’t leave behind:

I also bought the coolest stitch markers.  They’re made out of Petoskey Stones:

Thankfully (considering all of the sock yarn I brought home), my sock mojo has returned!

I’ve switched from dpn-ing from the cuff down to magic looping from the toe up.  For this first pair I’m doing one sock at a time, but my plan is to do two at a time once I nail down the whole toe up and magic loop techniques.

One of the first things I did upon returning home was take the girls to the dog park.   Sadie celebrated by getting muddy:

Kishka treed a squirrel and patiently waited for him to fall or return to the ground (he never did):

July was a very dry month here in Colorado, but August has been very stormy:

There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line. ~ Oscar Levant (1906 – 1972)


I have never been happier to see a pair of socks come off the needles. I really like the finished look of these socks, but I hated knitting them.



Pastel Rainbow Socks


What: Pastel Rainbow Socks

Yarn: Knit Picks Superwash Bare, fingering weight. Dyed with Kool-Aid and food coloring
Needles: size 2, Knit Picks dpn’s
Pattern: Classy Slip-Up socks from Knit Socks

Date started: 2/12/07

Date finished: 9/11/07
Lesson Learned: None.

Destination: my feet!






And, the leftover yarn (with a 7″ leg!):



I really like these socks, but I hated knitting this pattern. I don’t know why: it’s simple and easy to memorize. I just did not enjoy knitting it, so it took seven months to finish these socks.


I have two pairs of socks left on the needles. I’m going to try to finish them before I cast on the next pair. The next pair will probably be a plain stockinette pair knit with this fabulous yarn:




Lately Kishka has been sleeping with one foot stretched out and one foot tucked underneath her. I call it The Flamingo:






What I find most odd about this is that this is how I usually sleep. Either Kish and I are on the same wavelenghth, or she’s been watching me sleep and is taking notes.




Dogs and cats and yarn, oh my!

I’m still knitting socks, but haven’t taken any pictures, so I shall distract you with critter pictures.

Kishka has been looking very photogenic lately:

Samantha isn’t fond of sharing her stuffed toys:

The girls have been hanging out together:

Parker with a determined look on his face:

Samantha keeping an eye on things (she’s watching out the front window in this pic):

And Romeo, hiding his gorgeous blue eyes:

Next up on the needles:

Simply Thursday.

I’m feeling restless with my current socks. I like them, but I keep itching to cast on new socks. Here’s what is on the needles now:

I’ve received a few questions about my Paas dyed yarn, specifically: “How did you get all those colors by just throwing it all in the pot?”

I should have explained this in my original post. Obviously, it wasn’t just a case of tossing the dye and yarn together and hoping for the best. It was actually a comedy of errors that managed to turn out wonderfully.

I originally dyed the yarn pink. However, the yarn sucked up the dye before I could get the whole skein swished around, so the skein was about half pink and half not dyed. I decided to mix up the ‘spring green’ dye tablet and paint the undyed portions of the skein. However, being the klutz that I am, I accidentally dropped the green dye tablet in the dye bath, and not the in container I had set aside for it. The pink and green combined to make a color that can only be described as ‘dog puke brown’. It wasn’t pretty.

At this point, I just wanted to save the skein so I picked the darkest color tablet (‘denim’) and mixed up two tablets of this color. I poured the dark blue dye into the dye pot, mixed it up and walked away for an hour or so. When I returned, I was very happy to see the green/blue/yellow/touch-of-pink skein that you saw in the last post.

Maybe I’ll cast this yarn on the needles next. I’m curious to see how it turns out.

Samantha recently discovered my shawl lying across the back of the couch. She pulled it down, balled it up and went to sleep:

Kishka is a simple girl. She just uses the pillow:

Two more pairs of socks (kind of).

When the sock bug bit me a few months ago, I really didn’t know what I was doing. The first two pair of socks I knit this year were a couple inches too short. I’ve been looking at them in my dresser drawer for the past couple of months and wishing they fit. So, I decided to do something about it. I’ve spent the past couple of days unraveling the toes and reknitting them. Besides getting socks that fit, I’ve become very good at the kitchener stitch.

Here are the Splash of Red socks, before and after:

And the Candy Cane socks, before and after:

I’ve also done some unexpected yarn dying. The other day I was searching for the dogs’ heartworm pills (why do I always misplace those?) and found a stash of Paas egg dye. I don’t remember buying it, but I must have planned on dying yarn and then forgot I had the dye. I had one skein of Bare leftover from my December Kool-Aid dying session, so I tossed it in the ‘pot’ with some egg dye:

I like Paas dying a lot more than Kool Aid dying. It was much easier and a lot less messy. Here’s the finished yarn:

I didn’t get a chance to blog Saturday’s Sky this week and it’s just too gorgeous to skip:

Samantha continues to love her new rabbit:

And I finally got a shot of her sleeping on her back:

And here’s Kishka, smooshed into her favorite chair: