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A post full of pictures.

Today’s Saturday Sky:

There’s been a lot of knitting (and TCM watching!) around here. 

The Grapes of Wrap shawl:

The Pastel Rainbow socks:

And introducing, the Pinky Purple socks:

I recently bought the girls a new toy and it’s been quite a hit:

Have you ever watched a cat take a bath?  It’s darn cute:


Sky, socks and furry friends

The frozen landscape for Saturday Sky:

The Candy Cane socks are ready for their heels:

A rare shot of both of the kitties together:

Romeo (the one on the left) is very camera shy, so it’s hard to get pictures of him.

Max and Kishka also enjoy hanging out together:

One of Kishka’s favorite things to do is to look out the front window:

She’ll sit like this for hours.  I think it’s absolutely adorable. 

Finally, here’s my Max;  enjoying the snow and cold: 

A little bit of everything: movies, sky, dogs, cat, knitting…

My two week long TCM movie marathon is over.  I adore old movies and have a habit of Tivo-ing them by the dozen.  I never seem to find the time to watch more than a couple of movies a week, and this led to a huge backlog on the Tivo.  Finally, over the last two weeks I’ve watched every movie that I had recorded over the past couple of months. 

The marathon concluded late last night with North By Northwest.   My love for this movie and for Cary Grant knows no bounds.  I won’t bore you by waxing poetic about the exquisite handsomeness of Mr. Grant but they really don’t make movie stars like him any more, do they?

I decided to take a break from the Sunshine Lilac Blanket and start something new:

Here’s Parker, moments before he pounced on my yarn:

The Shepherds hung out together today:

Kishka snoozed at my feet:


And finally, today’s Saturday Sky:

Saturday Sky and what else? A dishcloth.

For Saturday Sky I snapped a photo of the first blue sky and sun that I’ve seen in almost a week:



Dishcloth #5 for Mom

What: Dishcloth
Yarn: Lily Sugar ‘n Cream, partial skeins of Sage Green and Country Sage Ombre
Pattern: Chinese Waves
Dimensions: 8.00″ x 7.75″

Date started:
Date finished: 12/30/06
Lesson Learned: None.
Destination: My Mom’s kitchen

I think I can get one more dishcloth out of this green cotton. Once this one’s done, I’m ready to move on to something else!

It may appear that I’m recycling pictures of Kishka’s odd sleeping habits, but I’m not. She was doing more couch yoga today:


Saturday Sky.

Saturday Sky:

Someone’s been rolling in the snow again:

Sky, fuzzy feet and dogs.

Today’s Saturday Sky was taken while I was driving (don’t worry, both hands were on the wheel):

When I took this picture I had a backseat driver:

Samantha loves car rides more than anything. She and I ran some errands today. Kishka wasn’t too stressed out about being left home:

I spent this evening watching my favorite chick flicks and knitting on my second fuzzy foot:

I should be felting them tomorrow. I can’t wait!

Mostly sky, but a peek at knitting, too.

I’m a day late, but I did take these photos yesterday, so here’s Saturday Sky:

While I was out taking these pictures, I came across something that cracked me up. I snapped a picture and once I saw the picture, I knew I had to use Flickr Toys to create this:

I spent last night knitting on the Mystery project for the Dutchicans:

To keep the mystery alive, I used my photo software to mess with the colors of this picture.

I want nothing more than to knit today away, but I’ve designated it Fall Cleaning Day. Besides hunting and killing dust bunnies, I have to install my storm windows and seal all the windows that don’t have storm windows. Since I’m sealing the windows for winter, I fully expect it to hit 80 degrees this week.

Almost finished.

I’m working on the border for Log Cabin #2. The next full length shot will be when it’s finished. Here’s a close up of it:

Earlier today, MJ and Felicia helped me pick out the color scheme for Log Cabin #3. Here’s a sneak peek:

I have two Saturday Sky pictures for this week.

This one shows the layer of fog over Colorado Springs this morning:

And, a little later, the prairie and the Peak:

Saturday sky…brought to you by two states.

Saturday Sky from Colorado:

And, (courtesy of my parents), Saturday Sky from northern Michigan:

I love Colorado, but miss autumn in Michigan. There’s something magical about it.

I started off my day by blogsurfing and this post cracked me up.

Knitting, puppies and friends….the perfect fall day.

We’ve been having an absolutely gorgeous stretch of weather here in Colorado.

Today’s Saturday Sky:

MJ hosted a puppy party/knit group at her house today.

Felicia and I showed up with knitting, food and puppies.

There was a lot of playing:

Followed by a lot of resting:

I’m making progress on the At First Blush Blanket:

There’s mystery knitting going on, too. The first project is almost finished.

I’ll close today with my favorite picture that I took today. It’s of my darling Kishka, being most unladylike: